Monday, January 4, 2010

Terriers Out -played, Lose to Stony Brook 84 - 75.

Was I excited going into this game? You bet I was.  I arrived a little late, BU was up by a few, I sat right behind the BU bench so my friends watching on NESN might be able to see me in the background.  This was the conference opener.  BU is preseason number one and the Stony Brook Seawolves were preseason number four.  I thought, this is a great way to show New England that BU will be a force to be reckoned with in the America East Conference this season, instead I think the Terriers showed that they are just and average to mediocre team early in the slate.  Hopefully the Terriers will be able to learn a lot from this game, and put up some conference wins sooner rather than later.

BU was just outmatched in this game.  Rebounds and turnovers were about the same with Stony Brook holding a slight edge in both categories.  BU's field goal shooting was horrible, they shot .377 from the field.  They committed a ridiculous amount of fouls compared to the other team (to be honest I thought we were getting hosed in terms of fouls and I let the ref know on occaision what I was thinking. If there weren't kiddies there I would have easily dropped at least a bakers dozen worth of F-bombs).  I think the one plus was the performance of Jake O'Brien.

Jake O'Brien's emergence over some recent opponents is a huge plus for the Terriers.  He and John Holland should anchor a team that is losing a lot of seniors next year.  Jake O'Brien has been BU's version of the answer he can do it all, shoot the three and box out down low.  I'm excited to see this kid do more in the future.

As for Stony Brook, I have to give them a lot of credit.  They went into an actually pretty full Case Gym and they took care of business.  Bryan Dougher made an outrageous amount of three pointers throughout this game (it was very reminiscent of Dayton Rob Lowery's performance).  Dougher was hitting almost everything, he led a team that hit 12 three pointers in 20 attempts.  This is no coincidence, I don't think the Terriers are doing enough to defend against the three.  A lot of these are wide open looks.  I said it after the Dayton game and I will say it again, you can't give up this many threes to an oppoenent and expect to win. Coach Chambers needs to make this a focus when going over film this week.

Random Notes:
  • Case Gym, as mentioned before, was surprisingly full for this game.  Which was a little bit more surprising considering that all of the students are still on break. However, not that many students show up anyway so I don't know how much of a difference this would have made.
  • I thought whoever brought the "let em play" sign was a genius.  However, I feel as though the ref took this as a slight and called more fouls on BU than they did on Stony Brook. 
  • Message to the Refs: C'mon really!? Call a foul on the other team! 25 - 15 is pretty lopsided.
  • I did take some real-time pictures that I was going to tweet during the game but did not get a chance until after the game.  Murphy's law dictated that my phone must run out of battery at halftime as I was about to tweet the pictures (bee below).
  • Let me know what you think of the pictures, I think they could be better (click on the pictures to view a larger version).  I just got a Motorola Droid for Christmas (thanks mom) and it includes a 5 megapixel camera. 

During a first half timeout

Probably one of Bryan Dougher's many three pointers

Next up:
Boston U at New Hampshire
1/7/2010 at 7 PM
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