Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tyler Morris Out for a Month with an Injury to Shooting Hand

If you have not heard already, Tyler Morris is out for a month due to an injury he sustained to his shooting hand in Tuesday's practice. The story I saw was reported in the Albany Times Union blog.  There is also a story on the Daily Free Press website.

This is a big blow to Terrier Nation, I don't like it when players on any team get injured.  It is especially difficult because it is Tyler. I feel really bad for him, this is just another in a series of injuries he has sustained during his collegiate career.  Most of us remember that he was out for most of last season with a torn ACL and was finally healthy to begin this season.

As for the impact it will have on BU and the rest of the season; I'm really not sure yet.  We will see in the New Hampshire game how much of an affect it will have on the rest of the linup and how they plan to cope.  Tyler is one of our starters and he is a pretty good player.  He is one of BU's senior leaders and a key component to this Terriers team.  Initially, I think it will have more of an impact then one might think.  BU doesn't really score a lot of bench points, so if Tyler's 11.2 points per game leave the lineup, who will step up to take his place? The obvious choice would have been the freshman B.J. Bailey but he has left the team as a few weeks ago. Who else?

This is a big blow to BU's depth as a team.  It will be interesting to see if they can overcome this obstacle in the coming weeks. BU's chances of becoming the number one team in the America East in the regular season just got a little slimmer.

Tyler - I hope for your speedy recovery!


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