Sunday, November 29, 2009

BU loses to Harvard 78- 70: First Loss to the Crimson at Case Gym in 37 years

The last time that Boston Univeristy lost to Harvard at Case Gymnasium was December 13, 1972. Twelve years before I was brought into life on Earth. This was a disspointing loss. The Terriers were as flat as a 2 day old PBR keg. Instead of getting better they got worse.

Let's revisit my preview and the keys to the game I laid out.

  • Shoot better from three than Harvard. - Fail. The Crimson and the Terriers had the same exact stat line from three point range: 5-20.   There's no reason with as many great shooters as the Terriers have that they shouldn't be shooting better from three than the Crimson. 
  • Play a strong and consistent 40 minutes. - Fail.  They played well for maybe a 10 minute period in this game.  At 5:37 left in the first half they were down by 13 but somehow went into the locker room down only 2 at the half.  Then took the lead early in the 2nd by as much as 9 at the 13:25 mark. They would blow that and lose by 8.  The Terriers only seem to score in spurts, they had one big spurt in this game and that was it.
  • Play as aggressive as they have all season.  - Fail.  I think it was obvious to everyone there that the Terriers were getting dominated down low.  The stats from the game are kind of deceiving, the Terriers out rebounded the Crimson by one but couldn't finish any of their second chance opportunities.  BU's two big men Pelage and O'Brien combined for 8 rebounds, Holland had 9.
  • Neutralize Lin and McNally. Fail.  This was a big fail.  Lin had 19 points and McNally added 14 of his own.  Lin had 4 assists and 4 steals and went 7-8 from the line.
Other notes:

  • Player of the game: Jeremy Lin
  • BU Player of the game (if I had to name one): John Holland 18 points and 9 rebounds.
  • Carlos Strong looked really good, but only in the ten minute Terrier spurt.
  • Corey Lowe was forcing hail mary threes and went 0-7 from the beyond the arc, not his best performance.
  • The Terriers scored only 2 bench points.
  • The Crimson blocked 8 Terrier shots.
You really have to look at the stats hard to figure out why the Terriers lost this game.  But it's there, compared to the Crimson's 47%, the Terriers shot only 38.5% from the floor .  Even that number is deceiving; during the Terrier spurt they were making everything.

I can't pull any positives from this game other than John Holland.  He was the only consistent person for BU on the floor.  The defense for the Terriers was pretty bad as well.  Usually when you score 70 points and have 5 more offensive rebounds than your opponent you expect to win the game.  That was not the case tonight at Case. Terriers lose and lose bad.  They need to get better in a hurry if they want to at least be competitve with UConn on Wednesday.

One of Lowe's 7 misses from beyond the arc (I will get a digital camera soon I promise).

Next Up:
BU at UConn
Wednesday 12/2 7:00 PM at the XL Center in Hartford, CT
Listen: 1510 am
Watch: SNY, WCTX9, ESPN Full Court


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