Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just thought I would drop a line before going to sleep.

I just read Julian Benbow's story about Pat Chambers.  Wow, what a great story.  I was rooting for Coach Chambers to succeed because he is coaching BU, but now I am rooting for him as a person.  I don't care if he leaves BU and goes to BC, I would probably still root for him to do well.

On an semi-related note, I will be in attendance at Madison Square Garden tomorrow for the #7 Duke v. # 13 Connecticut college basketball game.  This will be my first visit to the garden in my 25 years of life.  I am stoked not only to watch a game at one of the games most storied venues but to see this particular match up. As a Connecticut native I have been a Huskies fan my entire life.  Two of my best sports moments were when UConn beat Duke in '99 in the national final and then again in '04 to advance to the national final.

But I digress, how does this all semi-relate to BU Basketball?  Well, as most know the Terriers are going to the XL Center in Hartford the following Wednesday 12/2 to take on #13 Connecticut.  I've mulled this over for weeks, as a huge fan of both teams who do I root for?  I've gone back and forth a couple times, but I've finally decided that I am going to root for BU for three reasons:

  • If UConn won it would probably not mean a lot for their fanbase or school.
  • If UConn lost it would probably not have a major impact on their NCAA Tournament hopes.
  • If BU beat UConn, a nationally ranked opponent, it would be HUGE for BU and the BU fanbase. It's probably the best media attention a mid-major school could ask for.

I was going to wait until later in the week to write this post but I thought I would get it out now.  Finally, I still think BU will lose to UConn, but much more on that Tuesday.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I will be previewing the BU v. Harvard match up at Case.


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