Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally, A New Post

Sorry, I know I have not been keeping up on the blog.  I hope that you my devoted readers can find it in your heart to forgive me.

The Marist Game
I was not able to watch or listen to the game, but I did read about it afterwards.  I think the most encouraging thing was the score.  Finally we blew out an inferior opponent.  When I first looked at the score I knew John Holland and Corey Lowe each scored more than 20 (I actually made a bet and won some money because of this).  There's really not that much to write about this game.  I wasn't there so I can't give you anymore insight than the recap on the BU website.

I promise I will write a preview and a recap of the Mount Saint Mary's game.  Especially if my publicity stunt works tonight.

UMass v. Memphis Tonight 6 PM ESPN2
Look for me in the stands tonight. I will be in attendance with a "UMass: 0 Final Fours, Memphis: 0 Final Fours" sign to try and create some publicity for my blog.

And yes I do agree with Coach Knight's comments the other day.  As a fan of the sport, I know not every coach is perfect, but I think it's disgraceful that a coach who had to vacate two final four appearances at two different programs is still allowed to coach and does not have any blemish on his NCAA record.  If you think that John Cal didn't know anything in either situation you are being naive.


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