Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Live Blog For Tonight's Terriers v. Dayton Game.

Since I didn't write a preview this week I am writing a live blog. Listen along at 1510 the zone.

7:20 PM - They are just under way in Dayton. So far the Terriers are not doing too well. I am listening to the Terriers go to Dayton on the radio, I am watching Hartford play The #1 ranked University of Kentucky. Both teams are doing horrible in the easy going. Dayton leads 17 - 7, 11:09 left to go in the first.

7:25 PM - Ugh, right after hitting a three we give up an easy uncontested three. Not good guys, you have to get back and play defense. I'm beginning to think that BU's defense is not great. If you look at the point totals of the opposing teams in the last three games, you realize that we give up too many.

7:29 PM - Dayton is getting too many dunks in this game. And BU is trying way too many threes, 9 of their 14 shots have been threes. Corey Lowe at the line shooting 3, first free throws of the game for BU. Commercial break Dayton leads 27 - 13.

7:33 PM - Carlos Strong with three threes BU pulls to within 8, 6:30 left in the first. The Terriers with a late surge.  Commentators make a good point, John Holland needs to wake up, he is the best player on the team.  So far 3 shots no fields goals.

7:39 PM - Holland doing well on defense but very poor on offense.  He took a charge, and has blocked a shot but has put up three air balls.

7:40 PM - Not a good stat.  The Terriers have turned the ball over 9 times.  With 3:12 to go Dayton still leads 33 - 23.

7:44 PM - Whenever BU plays superior opponents they play a streaky game.  So far the Terriers have been up and down.  Started the game horrible, climbed to within 7. Then go down by 15 again.  All the work they made in the last 7 minutes was just erased.

7:45 PM - John Holland with the steal at half court breaks away with an easy one handed slam.  The commentator put it very well: "The Dayton crowd is used to seeing dunks, but I don't think they like it so much when it's the opposing team."

7:49 PM - Three steals in a row for BU.  Tyler Morris gets called for traveling, then on the inbounds Rob Lowery drains a 30 footer as time expires. Dayton goes into the locker room up by 12; Dayton 41 - 29.  A crazy couple of series for BU there, would've been nice to go into the half down by single digits..

Halftime - The Terriers need more consistent play from a few of their players.  John Holland has been really good on the the defensive end of the court but on the offensive end, where he really excels, he has not been doing that great this year.  A one handed dunk is exciting, but not exactly the hardest play.

Keys to the second half

  • Rob Lowery for Dayton has hit four three pointers in the first half.  Those 12 points are the difference in the game.  The Terriers need to take away those shots from the Flyers to have any chance in the second half.
  • The Terriers have double digit turnovers in the first half.  They just need to take care of the ball better.
Second Half

8:06 PM - A three off the first possession, a turnover and another three. "It's a six point game kids." Just like that.

8:09 PM - Rob Lowery for another three, lead is back to 11.  Obviously my first key to the second half was not something Coach Chambers emphasized enough.

8:12 PM - Lowery hits another three...

8:15  PM - Terriers within four points of Dayton!14:10 to go.

8:18 PM - I know there is still a lot of time left in the game.  To begin the game it looked like Dayton was going to blow BU out.  Ever since the beginning of the second half the Terriers have looked solid.  A win against Dayton would be big for the Terriers.  Keep in mind Dayton was ranked to start the season and is still receiving votes in both polls.

8:23 PM - Ugh, the Terriers are starting to look bad again.  Get back and play DEFENSE!

8:25 PM - The crowd in Dayton really picked up the Flyers after they lost a good chunk of their lead.  Dayton has some great fans.  There are more Dayton fans at this game than there were UConn fans when BU went to Hartford.  Who knows why NCAA attendance is what it is.

8:29 PM - Dayton goes on an 11-2 burst after the timeout, and take a 13 point lead.

8:32 PM - The flow of this game is definitely a lot more smoother than the Mount Saint Mary's game.  There are definitely not nearly as many fouls (only 3 so far in the second half).  This has been a pretty entertaining game to listen to, especially if you are a BU fan.

8:37 PM - I just looked up to my TV  Hartford is losing by 40 to Kentucky, no surprise there really.  In a week and a half, I'll be going to my first Terriers away game at the University of Hartford.  I am looking forward to it, I should have a similar live blog / diary for that game and trip.

8:42 PM - 2:12 to go, BU still trails by 12.  I guess it was not meant to be.  Great effort though versus a really good Dayton team.  Dayton's star Chris Wright is projected to go in the NBA draft.

8:48 PM - Final - Dayton wins by 14 points. Dayton 74 BU 60.

Final Thoughts - The Terriers played a good game.  They need to do better on defense.  I don't know what the final stats are yet but Dayton shot way too well in the second half.  Dayton's Rob Lowery, only had 6 threes this season prior to theis game.  He put up 7 in this game and scored 23 points, that can't happen if you expect to win a game.  A strong showing but a loss is a loss.  This was an alright way to wrap-up the Terriers non-conference schedule.  I will write more on this game tomorrow.


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