Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick Haltime Thoughts - BU v. Vermont - America East Championship

At halftime BU is losing to Vermont 42 - 31.  How did we get here?

  • Corey Lowe has been almost half of our scoring and they've been mostly three and foul shots.
  • Marqus Blakely is too much for BU to handle, he is dominating the paint.
  • BU can't make a two point field goal to save their life.
  • John Holland did not show up.
  • BU's defense did not show up.
  • Vermont is matching BU's threes with threes of their own to widen the lead.
Eleven points is a large lead for BU to overcome, but if the Terrier defense plays better and they can get some two point baskets to fall, then they can get back in it.  I'm hopeful, but right now these Terriers are not the same Terriers that beat Stony Brook and killed Hartford, 42 points against is just discouraging.  Coach Chambers' needs to light a fire in the locker room at halftime.  We'll see what happens in the second half, BU needs to come out of the locker room with more intensity on both sides of the court, if they fall behind early even more, Vermont will march on.

And John Holland, please finish those dunks, I'm begging you.


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