Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rapid Reaction: Vermont beats BU, 83 - 70 in the Championship

It was a rollercoaster season for the BU Terriers and it all came to an end on Saturday.  BU went out and they did not play the same brand of basketball that they played in Hartford just a week earlier.  On defense they looked flat, they did not have an answer for Marqus Blakely and they did not get their two point baskets to fall.

This didn't pan out as I predicted it but, I definitely predicted the two x-factors and the other thing to watch:

  • Marqus Balakely had an amazing game, that dunk in the last two minutes was awesome and likely a top ten highlight on Sportscenter.
  • John Holland, the leading scorer in the America East did not play like it in this game or in the first two games of the tournament.
  • Corey Lowe hit some nice threes but it was not nearly enough

Congratulations to Vermont! More to come later today or tomorrow


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Honey and Vinegar Sports Blog said...

Word is BU's going to be extended an invite to the CBI. Not the Big Dance by any stretch, but I'm game for this team playing some post-season ball